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Crypto Fintechzoom

Cryptocurrency is the money of the future. It is a medium of exchange, online or virtual money that works on the principle of cryptography. So what is cryptography?

Cryptocurrency meaning

Cryptography is the process of encryption and decryption of packets of data. It is the usual process of exchange over the internet nowadays also called the Internet protocol (IP). So, what happens is, when some data is sent over the internet, it gets converted into some sort of incomprehensible code through encryption, then it travels to the designated location and through the process of decryption it gets converted back into a useful message. 

This process is called cryptography. Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of currency that works on a peer to peer network system and is not regulated by banks or any government. 

Need of cryptocurrency

But what was the need of the cryptocurrency when we were already making successful transactions?

Once upon a time, there came some people who were really unsettled by the idea that their money was being regulated by the government, the central banks and could be checked through means of financial accounts and receipts, they wanted to free their money from the supervision of the government.

We all know that the value of our money could be controlled by the supply of our money through the government. When the government wants to decrease the spending it increases the interest rate and when government wants to increase the spending by the people, it increases the supply of money and lowers the interest rate. 

So, these people thought of a decentralized form of money, which is solely controlled by its own demand and supply. That’s when Satoshi Nakamoto came forward (a pseudonym name given to the creator, no one knows the real person) and created the Bitcoin in 2008. 

In 2010 it showed some hope and gradually the value started increasing. But the world was truly astonished when the value of Bitcoin reached $68,789.63

How to mine cryptocurrency 

crypto fintechzoom

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work on blockchain technology where a ledger is maintained for all the transactions occurring for the selling and purchase of Bitcoins in the peer to peer network between different users. 

This ledger keeps on adding transactions on blocks and these blocks successively create a long chain known as block chain. Earlier it was easier to record these transactions and required almost no computing power, people who offered their PCs and phones for sharing the computing power to record these transactions were rewarded with Bitcoins. This is called mining of cryptocurrencies. 

But today the process has reached such a stage where it is really hard to record a transaction. There was a time when people used to mine 2 to 3 Bitcoins a day on a normal smartphone, now it requires many supercomputers to mine 1 Bitcoin in a single day, which is why, cryptocurrencies are also said to harm the environment due to the heating problem caused by these supercomputers.

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An alternative to buying many supercomputers and setting up a crypto mining farm is join a mining pool where hundreds if not thousands of people join together to share the computing power of their phones or computers to record these transactions. 

Subsequently the reward they earn is distributed among all the members. 

After Bitcoin came Ethereum which is also the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrencies some of which have gained the recognition of legal tender in some countries and are accepted by companies to purchase their products. 

Some of the popular cryptocurrencies are Dogecoin, Tether, Solana, Binance, XRP, Cardano, Avalanche, etc.

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Benefits of cryptocurrency

Highly decentralized– Cryptocurrency is not regulated or controlled by any government, but there have been reports that governments have started producing digital tokens as their currency, still, cryptocurrencies are used by people to get off surveillance of the government control. 

Depends upon market forces– The value of cryptocurrencies usually depend on the demand and supply, so the value increases as the demand increases and if the supply is fixed. 

Secure– Cryptocurrencies are more secure than other forms of money because they are encrypted and secured in wallets. However if the wallet is not managed or kept safely then the crypto coins could get at risk. 

High transfer speed– Cryptocurrency transactions happen at really fast speed and they don’t even need to be confirmed by banks, so even international transactions are done at lightning speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryptocurrency Fintech?

Cryptocurrency fintech helps you to gain proper knowledge about the cryptocurrencies, their benefits, cons and the smart way to invest in this technology.

Is Cryptocurrency not a Fintech service?

Cryptocurrency is a fintech service as it is related to finance and uses technology to serve the people. Cryptocurrency is a remarkable asset in the fintech world.

Is Blockchain a Fintech?

Yes blockchain comes under finance technology known as fintech and it plays a key role in finance sector.

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