Bitcoin Fintechzoom

Bitcoin Fintechzoom 

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency that came into existence, it was developed by a Japanese developer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 who wanted to make a decentralized peer-to-peer network of transactions. 

We all know that the government and the banks control our money and it is under vigor supervision of the authorities. The central bank could increase the interest rate any time to control the money spending of the people and could increase the cash flow anytime to hike the demand of products in the economy. 

Also the government has a view over our financial statements, accounts, receipts, bills, which is not liked by people who want to maintain privacy with their money and so they like to keep their money invested as cryptocurrency where the value of the currency is solely controlled by the demand and supply of the token alone. 

It is for this reason cryptocurrencies came into being which work on the principle of cryptography. It is a type of technology where the data is encrypted into incomprehensible code and then sent to the designated location where it is decrypted again to form a meaningful message. 

The value of Bitcoin increased year by year however it reached its maximum at $68,789.63 in lockdown. Since its supply is capped at 21 million the prices only increase through the demand of Bitcoin which is increasing gradually over time. 

Till now 19,590,137 Bitcoins have already been mined and are in circulation so only a few thousands are left after which the mining will be stopped. At that time the prices will only increase since the supply will be forestalled. 

How to mine Bitcoin

bitcoin fintechzoom

A public ledger is maintained to record the transactions of Bitcoins, this ledger is a lengthy continuous record of all the purchases and sales. 

So what happens is when one transaction is recorded there’s an inspection from the date of the origin of the Bitcoin to the present date to see if the transaction was done by the same person ever, so every transaction consecutively becomes harder to keep and the computing power needed to record that transaction is high.

This ledger is recorded as a continuous series of blocks called blockchain. People who use their PCs, smart phones, super computers to help record these transactions and share their computing power are rewarded with Bitcoins. This is called mining.

If you don’t have enough resources you could pool with other people over the internet to collectively mine Bitcoins and split the reward with others.

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Prices of Bitcoin 

The price of Bitcoin is changing every instance and has fluctuated a lot in the last decade. From nil to reaching $69,000 Bitcoin has come really far. Now let’s look over its price history. 

2009– Bitcoin had apparently no value back then and was only mined by early enthusiasts. 

2010– It was in 2010 that the famous transaction happened where a pizza was bought for 10,000 Bitcoins. It occured over an informal exchange rate and is recorded as a significant event in the history of Bitcoin. 

2011– It started to gain attention and showed some hope. Investors started to buy Bitcoins and mining was really easy in those days.

2013– It was in this year that the value rose exponentially reaching around $200 in April and over $1000 by year end. 

2014– The price hovered between a few hundred dollars but it was stable by then. 

2017– There was a significant increase in the value of Bitcoin in December 2017 when the prices soared to $20,000.

2018– In this year the value dropped a few thousand points.

2021– It is in the lockdown period that the value of Bitcoin reached an all time high. But it was followed by a sudden dip in the value.

Fintechzoom Bitcoin 

Fintechzoom is the best platform to gauge at the prices of Bitcoins and keep a real time check on the spikes and dips in the prices of the cryptocurrency. 

Fintechzoom not only provides with the live price ticker but also caters to the investors by giving them with the guides to invest in cryptocurrencies, providing news headlines and recent market happenings to prognosticate the prices of Bitcoin in the future.

Fintechzoom has some benefits like-

  • Real time updates– Fintechzoom covers market changes, technological developments, regulatory changes that helps an investor stay informed about the cryptocurrency world.
  • Quick information– Fintechzoom provides quick information, faster than any other source about the latest happenings which helps an investor make informed decisions about the Bitcoin.
  • Analysis– Fintechzoom uses insights from fintech experts and cryptocurrency maniacs covering in depth analysis offering a deeper understanding of the Bitcoin and it’s financial landscape.
  • Educational content– Fintechzoom not only provides prices and insights, it dispenses guides to know how to invest and provides valuable perspectives into the cryptocurrency world.

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Bitcoin environment issues

In the recent years there has been a lot of talk going on about the environmental degradation caused by the heating of the servers for maintaining the computer power used in the cryptocurrencies.

People have set up mining farms to gather the power to mine Bitcoins, and so as well all know that supercomputers generate a lot of heat. 

In recent years, Bitcoin has also been targeted in reports about the contributing factors to global warming. 


I hope that you have understood how you could get information on Crypto Fintechzoom. 

Fintechzoom is a great platform to learn about money, loans, personal finances, mortgages, interest rates, etc. A person could get credit guides, financial advice, investing recommendations, etc and that is very beneficial for a person looking for the exactly right knowledge to invest safely.

By accessing real time insights, trends and up to date news, people can harness the fruits of the fintech revolution. 

You can now appreciate the future of finance and fintech with the convergence of Bitcoin and FintechZoom. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will 1 Bitcoin be worth in 2030?

Bitcoin could be worth around $590,000 in 2030, that is the price of 1 Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin going up in 2024?

Bitcoin has already started to rise up in January 2024 reaching $45,000 so it could reach even higher in the coming months.

Why Bitcoin is falling?

Bitcoin is falling over scepticism of ETF approval and the decline in the shares of companies which deal in crypto mining.

How much will 1 Bitcoin be worth in 2050?

The price for 1 Bticoin in 2050 could reach around $2,440,000 which could be due to the increasing demand and the concluded supply of the Bitcoin by that year.

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